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Working at Commercial Bank

Our Culture

Careers Culture

We believe every employee, at whatever level contributes intrinsically to our progress. By each employee performing his or her role in such a manner, the whole 'line of operations, benefits and makes our service superlative. That has made us what we are. The No1 Bank!

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Careers Culture

Our goal is to constantly nurture and build the skills of our staff at every level to meet current and future needs.

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Code of Ethics

Careers Culture

We believe that every aspect of our work should be governed by high ethical and moral standards.

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Discover exciting career Opportunities at Commercial Bank.

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Our People

Working at Commercial Bank has broaden my perception and my career opportunities. I have found room to grow and test myself.

- Shantha Fonseka -
Member of National Indoor Cricket Team

Commercial Bank has given me the opportunity to reach higher goals in sports as well as in my career.

- Manisha Welaratne -
Member of National Women’s Hockey Team

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