Current Accounts Current Accounts

A Commercial Bank Current Account gives you the convenience of managing your day to day business transactions efficiently.

Savings Accounts Savings Accounts

What makes Commercial Bank Savings so special is you get interest on interest. Daily, interest is calculated and credited to your account. In other words, your money builds upon itself.

Import Demand Loans Import Demand Loans

We grant Import Demand loans to fund your bills under import or local letters of credit or collection or to pay import duty.

Pre Shipment Loans Pre Shipment Loans

We provide Pre Shipment loans against confirmed orders from your buyers.

Export Bills Purchase Export Bills Purchase

Export Bills Purchase is the acquiring of bills pertaining to letters of credit or collection documents.

Purchase Of Cheques And Drafts Purchase Of Cheques And Drafts

Offers purchase facility for instruments denominated in foreign currency received by individuals and exporters.

Letters Of Credit Letters Of Credit

Commercial Bank letters of credit are well recognized and acceptable worldwide due to our sound financial stability.

Documentary Collection Documentary Collection

Documentary Collection is a method of payment used by both the buyer and Seller in International Trade.

Shipping Guarantees Shipping Guarantees

This facility is provided to importers to expedite clearance and to avoid payment of demurrages.

Advance Payment / Open Account Transactions Advance Payment / Open Account Transactions

An open account transaction is a sale where goods are shipped and delivered with all necessary documents to the buyer before payment is effected.

Entrepot Trade Shipments Entrepot Trade Shipments

Entrepot Trade Shipment is handling of documents pertaining to shipment of goods which is destined to another country.

Marine Insurance Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance could be arranged by the bank with the respective insurance companies on behalf of you to ensure the safety of your shipment to clients.

Guarantees Guarantees

Commercial bank offers several guarantee products. You can choose the guarantee that fits best for your requirement.