1. Interest will commence to accrue from the transaction processing date.

  2. If the total outstanding as per the statement is settled 100% on or before the due date cardholder is not liable for any interest.

  3. If the cardholder makes full payment after the due date he is liable for interest in addition to late payment fee.

  4. If the outstanding is partly settled (with an amount between full payment -100% and the minimum payment- 5%) on or before the due date cardholder will be liable for interest on the carried forward balance calculated on a daily basis.

  5. If the payment made is below the minimum payment required cardholder is liable to pay interest together with the late payment fees.

  6. Payment due date is after 21 days of the billing date, however subject to such date falling on a holiday or a weekend. In this instance the Due date will be moved to the next working day.

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