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Special Credit Card Easy Payment Plan for the students of University of Colombo

Offer valid till 31st December 2022

Terms & conditions

  1. This promotional offer is applicable for the given category of partner institutes only  
  2. Commission will be charged for the transaction value as follow.
    - 06 Months – 1.5%
    - 12 Months – 3.5% 
  3. The promotion is open for all Credit Cards issued by Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC 
  4. Offer valid only during the promotion period mentioned as per the artwork 
  5. All Educational payments to be settled with the Commercial Bank Credit Cards only 
  6. Credit Cardholders may perform single or multiple purchase(s) at the mentioned and request for Easy Payment Plan of 06 (Six)& 12 (Twelve) months by calling the ComBank Contact Centre on (0112) 353353 
  7. Only the transaction above Rs. 20,000/ made through University of Colombo- will be eligible for the Payment Plan Scheme
  8. In order to establish under the ‘Call & Convert’ scheme, Cardholder should inform the Contact Centre within 7 working days from the original transaction performing date. 
  9. Transaction value should be within the available balance and authorized Credit limit of the Card at the time of performing the transaction. 
  10. Once requested for Easy Payment Plans, the details cannot be changed and is not allowed.
  11. Cardholder may request to provide the details of the Education Merchant establishment, date of the transaction and the transaction value to verify details 
  12. Only the full transaction value can be converted to Easy Payment Plan under the promotion, no partial payments are possible 
  13. Once requested for converting to an Easy Payment Plan, the scheme cannot be changed and instalments settled under the scheme are non-refundable. 
  14. This offer cannot be exchanged for cash or used in conjunction with other promotional programs or offers conducted by the Bank or the offer partner. 
  15. The General Credit Card terms and conditions will continue to apply. 
  16. This offer is bound by the terms and conditions of the partnering merchant and Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC. 
  17. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC reserve the right to change and/or modify all or any of the rules, terms and conditions applicable to this promotion at any given time with or  without prior notice to the Cardholders. 
  18. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC - Card Centre accepts no liability for the quality of the services provided by the offer partners in this promotion. 
  19. If any dispute arises regarding the payment with Educational institutes or any of the terms & conditions, Cardholder should settle same directly with the Institute or with the school.

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